Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ready to walk with GSoC 2012

           I am very happy to say that I have been selected for a project in Google Summer of Code 2012. The project idea is "Refactoring: Display query results" which is under phpMyAdmin organization. In this project I'm going to refactor the code which is related to displaying query results and implement some feature requests.

Short description of my project: 
In current code base of phpMyAdmin, the code for displaying query results is not much reusable. To improve the ability of re usability of the code, I have suggestions to refactor the code with better approaches. The code is going to be improved by applying Object Oriented Programming concepts. Along with that, new features like support for displaying results for multiple queries at once, introducing some more built-in transformations where it is applicable will be considered.

Now I'm ready to walk with GSoC 2012 and hope to do a great job with phpMyAdmin developers and other GSoCERS. :)

My git repository can be found at :

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