Monday, June 18, 2012

GSoC 2012 - 4th Week Progress

      In my third week I introduce a class behavior for display_tbl.lib.php file. Now that file has appeared as DisplayResults.class.php and the class inside it is named as PMA_DisplayResults.

              Since there was a task not completed in last week, I first completed that. It is removing imported super globals from the functions. There were several functions which used local variables which are imported from $GLOBALS super global array. I removed them and directly used super globals where needed. As well for the super globals which were not change during one execution cycle of the PMA code, I assign them to global variables in the PMA_DisplayResults class (local for that class). That global variables are initialized inside constructor.

         As next task, I was moved into fix the bug which was occurred due to breaking _getTableBody() function into subfunctions. It was very helpful for me that Marc had already mentioned the bug is about breaking the feature, which display a link for foreign table value. When I going through the code I saw that was occurred due to incorrect method calling of _getDataCellForNumericFeilds() function (not according to the signature). Now the bug is fixed.

            Then I moved into refactoring common.lib.php file. First I remove the HTML renderings inside the function it selves and return a string instead of that. As well some conventions are used according to my proposal. And the all functions names were modified by removing phrase 'PMA_'.

            Within next week I'm intending to complete implementing class behavior of common.lib.php file. While refactoring DisplayResults.class.php file I have moved a function (PMA_mimeDefaultFunction) to common.lib.php file and now again move it to core.lib.php file for keep it as global function. I intend to again look at the possibility of get that function back to DisplayResults.class.php file.

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