Monday, August 13, 2012

GSoC 2012 - 12th Week Progress

      Its more one week to do the remaining work of GSoC 2012 project. Last week I introduced new links inside information_schema database with modifying a previous code for showing links inside mysql database. As well support for MIME transformations in query results and VIEWs were implemented. More improvements related to VIEWs were done.

           In this week I implement the feature request simple sort for process list. That was little older feature request and the description of the feature request itself suggested the fix. But with the time those files were changed and renamed. So I improve the behavior of server_status.php file to do the required thing. Since the sorting needs to specify the table, I used prcesslist table of information_schema database. Apart from these I did some test implementations for the functions in PMA_DisplayResults class.

           In my next week I'm intending to improve some tests for PMA_DisplayResults classwhile doing any remaining minor improvements in my codes.

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