Monday, August 20, 2012

GSoC 2012 - 13th Week Progress

         This is the last week we interact with the coding and documenting under GSoC 2012 official time line. In my last week I implemented the feature request simple sort for process list. And improved some tests for PMA_DisplayResults class.

                In this week I did some improvements in tests of PMA_DisplayResults class. As the documentation, there were not much things to mention as details in Documentation.html. I only mentioned about the feature of displaying multiple results for queries as well as stored procedures. While I'm implementing the functions phpdoc comments and block comments were improved. So those things make me easy in documenting session. A feature request I proposed to do at the end of the last week was already fixed (My patch has been accepted for that). So I didn't involve with that.

   Dieter has suggested to change the class structure for PMA_CommomFunctions class. After discussing in mailing list I decided to make any change after the GSoC 2012 session. I will be stop my further work related to code and documentation improvements under GSoC 2012 session by today.

    In next week I'll submit my evaluation form. I wish all GSoCers who passed the mid evaluations to get success this Great event GSoC 2012 with Open source :)

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