Monday, July 2, 2012

GSoC 2012 - 6th Week Progress

     In last week I almost finish the implementing class behavior of PMA_CommonFunctions.class.php but not committed due to some conflicts while merging the code to with master branch.

         In this week also I got lots of conflicts while merging the code. Since the functions inside PMA_CommonFunctions class (in master common.lib.php file)  were used in many places over the PMA the possibility of occurring a conflict is high. With the merge of Alex's code I again got many conflicts. As well I had to do more modifications because Alex has introduced several new files and they have used the functions in common.lib.php . After did those modifications I committed the code with 4 known issues in master. At the moment two are already fixed in master branch. Others are,

1. When the session expires, after click logout I get following notice,
Notice in ./libraries/relation.lib.php#35
Undefined index: controllink

2. When incorrect login, following warning raised, 
Warning in ./libraries/dbi/mysqli.dbi.lib.php#97
mysqli_real_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

         After that I moved into finding the possibility of using PMA_mimeDefaultFunction() function which is currently inside the core.lib.php file as a global function, inside the PMA_DisplayaResults class. This function is only used by the functions in PMA_DisplayResults class indirectly with the help of a variable. I moved the PMA_mimeDefaultFunction() function from core.lib.php file to PMA_DisplayResults class and renamed as _mimeDefaultFunction(). The places where calls this function indirectly were modified by adding '$this->' suffix ($default_function = '_mimeDefaultFunction'; $this->$default_function()).

          After those improvements I moved into implement tests for the functions in PMA_DisplayResults class. Yasitha has already implemented some tests for some functions. I started to continue that work and finished some tests.

         In next week as the major task I'm intending to implement tests for remaining functions in PMA_DisplayResults class. If possible I'll be do some minor improvements in PMA_CommonFunction.class.php

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