Monday, July 23, 2012

GSoC 2012 - 9th Week Progress

        In last week I did some improvements in PMA_DisplayResults class and in test cases. This week I moved into implementation of a feature request. Its on display results for the multiple queries.

         Multiple query execution can be done by using routines ( stored procedures and stored functions) or just executing SQL statement with multiple queries at once. In PMA those could be done by using SQL query window or using routines tab under any table.

          PMA was not supported for executing multiple queries using the SQL query window. While executing it shows the results for the last single query in the multiple SQL statement. That was due to use of mysql_query() function for any case. Since mysql extension is currently not support for the multiple query execution I used mysqli_multi_query() function under mysqli extension. It returns multiple result sets depending on the executed SQL statement. By iterating through the results I displayed this resulted tables in the same page in top to bottom manner. And I made it with very limited operations on the results in same page. Unless it becomes more complex and hard to handle the code. Currently there are two known issue.

1. After executing insert/ edit/ delete query using the query window, page does not show the query window back.
2. After executing multi query SQL statement, browse any table gives notices and some errors.

        After those modifications I moved into routines. That was very cool feature in PMA. But it was not complete. For any routine it shows only one row from only one table. So I improve the behaviour of that feature to return expected outcome according to the routine. Now it shows even multiple results sets with all the needed rows.

        In next week I try to fix those issues in SQL execution mode. And I'll implement new inline transformations for PMA as the next feature implementation.

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