Monday, July 9, 2012

GSoC 2012 - 7th Week Progress

       This is seventh week of the GSoC 2012 projects. As well this week we need to submit our mid evaluation. So this is a key point of GSoC 2012. Last week I merge the code with master which had Alex's major changes related to his project. And did some modifications regarding mime default function. As well I started to write tests for PMA_DisplayResults class.

       In this week I continued writing tests for PMA_DisplayResults class. While those improvements Michal assign me another two tasks.

1. Reduce the large number of parameters passing to functions in PMA_DisplayResults class by storing the variable states inside the class itself

2. Break some functions to more small functions

          So, first I did the 2nd task. With that I introduce several sub functions by breaking _getTableHeaders(), _getTableBody() and getTable() functions.

        Then I moved into 1st task. I stored the commonly used fields as private properties of the class. There are around 25 private fields in that class now. Since those properties are not initialized when creating the object of this class, most of them were initialized inside the getTable() function.

         After I again moved into improving tests. At this point most of the existed tests were failed with the new changes. So I introduce __get() and __set() method for access any private field in PMA_DisplayResult class by out side. Then I use those functions to set private properties while improving tests. But still the failures are remaining in some tests. Apart from that setCommonFunctions() function was removed from PMA_DisplayResults class due not use of that method.

          In next week I'll continue test cases as much a possible. But before that I'll do some modifications to PMA_DisplayResults class which was suggested by Michal recently.

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