Monday, July 16, 2012

GSoC 2012 - 8th Week Progress

       I'm pretty sure that most of the GSoCers are very happy in the 8th week of their GSoC project. Because of the happiness of gone through the mid evaluation. In last week I break some functions into more sub functions and introduce global variables (class variables) and __get, __set magic methods for PMA_DisplayResults class with the suggestion of Michal. As well some improvements in tests also done.

         According to last week modifications in PMA_DisplayResults class, initialization of the global variables in that class were done inside getTable() method. But as suggested from Michal, I did that initialization part in a separate method called setProperties() and call that function from the sql.php file just before call the getTable() method.

                          As well I found a issue with my code with the print view screen. I fix those issues both in vertical display mode and horizontal display mode. Then I move into improve unit tests. There were several errors in tests related to PMA_DisplayResults class due to my recent changes. The problem was, needed property values were not set at the run time of tests. I modified those tests to set those properties using magic __set() method. But that was not worked. After searching this issue, I found that, there is a problem with using php property_exists() method is not properly working with the magic methods. So that I introduce a new property $_property_array which contains all the previous properties except $_common_functions. Then I remove previous properties which represent in $_property_array and use php array_key_exists() method inside magic methods.

           It takes lot of time to run the all tests in PMA. So that I try to run tests with individual file by giving arguments in command line. But it gives errors again and again due to missing required files and undefined variables, constants etc. After that, I edit phpunit.xml.dist file in order to just run the needed file. With that modification I could run those tests quickly. At the moment previous errors in tests related to PMA_DisplayResults class were fixed.

            In next week I'll move into start the work I suggested after mid evaluation. I'll start implementation of display multiple query results.

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